Unity of Ummah : Ways and Means



Islam is a religion of strict monotheism and unity. There is ‎no scope for committing Shirk and creating disintegration ‎and division. The basic of Islamic unity is Tawhid—worship ‎one God, fear one God. Islam asks this Tawhid based ‎community to remain united on Sirate Mustaqim (straight ‎path) and Sabilul Mumineen (path of the believers). Islam ‎commands us to preserve unity, solidarity, friendship, and ‎harmony. This book is written with a clear intention to ‎motive Muslims to follow this command. ‎

The Quranic verses and prophetic narrations mentioned in ‎this book not only clarify the importance of unity and ‎harmony but also reveal the fact that not all disagreements ‎are considered divisions. It should be understood that ‎disagreements based on evidences on non-fundamental ‎issues are not divisions or detachments. Disagreements of ‎Mujtahid Imaams in non-fundamental and subsidiary issues ‎should not be considered as division in Islam. Disagreements ‎become blameworthy when it emerges because of ‎disregarding Bayyinah (clear and undisputed evidence from ‎Quran and Sunnah). Disagreements of Imaams should never ‎be compared to those. InshaAllah, if we do self-questioning ‎and self-analysis, our habit of making unjust criticism ‎without proper research will come to an end. ‎

About the Author
Maulana Muhammad Abdul Malek is a Bangladeshi Islamic ‎scholar and researcher of Hadith. He is the founder of ‎monthly Bengali Islamic magazine Al-Kawsar and head of ‎the department of Hadith studies at Markazud Dawah Al-‎Islamia, a higher Islamic research and education institution ‎situated at Dhaka.‎


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