First Things First: For Inquiring Minds And Yearning Hearts

লেখক : Khalid Baig
প্রকাশনী : মাকতাবাতুল ফুরকান
বিষয়: English Books
সংস্করণ: 1st
পৃষ্ঠা : 412
প্রচ্ছদ : হার্ড কভার
প্রকাশকাল: 2018-10-18
আইএসবিএন: 978-984-92292-5-4
ভাষা: বাংলা

This book is a collection of more than 80 popular articles published over a 9 year period in the "First Thing First" column of monthly Impact International (London, England). The articles discuss a broad range of topics and issues confronting Muslims today in both their individual as well as collective lives, ranging from Islamic beliefs and practices to politics, women, and modernity. Written in lucid English, the highly engaging articles aim at providing reflection, exposition, inspiration, and intellectual stimulation.

The author takes the reader on an intellectual journey to find answers for the problems facing Muslims today at all levels. Taking into consideration current social, cultural, and political discussions, he demonstrates how the solution lies in returning to Islamic principles as valid and necessary today as they were fourteen centuries ago.

His brilliant articulation of Islamic perspectives as well as clarification of thorny topics makes the book a must read for young adults, parents and teachers; Muslim and non-Muslim alike.